DS-D5B75RB/D Interactive Flat Panel

The Interactive Flat Panel combines several functionalities of computers, projectors, interactive whiteboards, sound systems, cameras (optional), bluetooth remote control (optional), HDTVs, and advertising machines.

It incorporates cutting-edge technologies like 4K display,infrared touch,human-machine interaction,multi-media information processing, and network transmission, enabling users to perform tasks such as writing, annotating, multi-screen sharing, pen detection, and remote video calling (optional).

The Interactive Flat Panel is designed for remote video conferences, trainings, medical consultations, and various events in offices, meeting rooms, multimedia classrooms, exhibition halls, and other similar spaces.

Ultra HD display with up to 3840 × 2160 resolution of input signal available.
 20px ultra fine writing, and 2 mm diameter recognizable with the precision of 1 mm.
 Built-in Wi-Fi realizes screen sharing without any cable connection.
 Built-in interactive whiteboard system allows annotating and sharing by QR code.
 Looping-out display available.
 Various audio and video interfaces for device access.
 Built-in network switch chip saves a network switch.
 Built-in Android system provides kinds of applications.
 Compatible with OPS/OPS-C devices, realizing smooth switch between built-in systems.
 Ultra-thin design with aluminum profile frame.


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